Get The Best FIT  

What is Job Match?

Job Match is our  endeavor to help talented professionals find "Best versions of themselves" and connect with employers and recruiters. It is listing of job profiles bringing in strength of your application and promoting you to decision makers.


Why Job Match

Job match is connecting you with potential employers. The profiles listed in Job Match are accessible to hiring managers, recruiters and staffing firms.


How does it help you

It will help you promote your value proposition to prospective employers, recruiters and staffing firms in a much more objective manner. Stop being ignored and show you are More than your Resume!


How it help employers

Employers can find future employees with objective information instead of the traditional resume method.

What are Job Match Plans

We have two plans paid and Free listing and full details of listing of job plans can be viewed here.

Profile Vs Resume

Your Profile with can open doors to many opportunities.

Sample title

A profile is an applicant's specific information relevant to make hiring decisions. It is shorter than a resume in content.

Sample title

A resume is an applicant's information, may include a lot of irrelevant information not needed for hiring decisions.

Made from Hiring Manger's needs

Our Profile is made keeping hiring managers need to find the best fit as quickly as possible.

Made from Applicants needs

Resumes are made and sent with applicants perspective and time consuming to review. 


It is an objective assessment of a best-fit candidate with many parameters for shortlisting quickly.


It is a subjective assessment and hiring managers need to do the relevant information.

Focus on Sell and NOT Tell

The purpose of our profile is to show how you are better than others.

Focus on Tell and Not Sell

Resumes are focused on job duties and responsibilities in past.

 Shows your competence

It is performance driven.

Hiring Manager's Ease

Hiring managers can find the applicant information in quickly within 5 minutes.

Shows you are One of the Applicant

Performance may not be explicit. 

Difficult for hiring Manager's

Resume scanners and other tools are used.

Job Match-Profile

Bringing Best version of you and connecting the Brand YOU

1. Your Industry and Company type

State your current industry and type of company you are working with. For example 1) Industry is Healthcare and company types can be Hospitals or Pharmacy  2) Industry is Education and Company types can be School or College or training center.
These are important criteria and they will be displayed for search criteria for candidate search.

2. Current job title and target job title

Mention your current job title and target job title. Refer to few job postings for a target job title and provide full job title with the department if applicable.
Your current title shows that you have performed similar job duties in past. Either you are looking for a promotion or different organization.

3. Current location and target job location

State your current location and target job location. Most employers and hiring managers shortlist candidates living in proximity to the target job. If suitable candidates are not available in the same city, some of the employers may look at the option of hiring professionals who are looking to relocate. In most cases, there will be additional expenses and process if the candidate is hired from Outside Canada. It may involve Labor Market Impact Assessment and Work Permit application.

4. Your Professional Summary

Summarize your experience with a sales pitch. This is also the branding section. If the summary is exceptional, chances are hiring managers will look into the whole profile. Avoid generic statements like "looking for an opportunity to grow with organisation"

5. Your Accomplishments

List out your accomplishments and awards.Ideally , your accomplishments must be related to key performance indicators of your department.

6. Your Relevant experience

Provide in detail your relevant experience to the target job position. It must mention your job title or positions held and duration in month and year (from MMYY-to MMYY). Additionally, give one line about the company and your relevant job duties. It is recommended to review a few job postings of your target job position and relate your experience with job requirements.

Get Stars on your profile



Get recommendations by your Seniors Managers and Directors in your LinkedIn profile.



If your suppliers/agents/customers are happy with your services and available on your LinkedIn profile.



Your Professional education/ referrals/memberships/licensing stated in your LinkedIn profile.



Your colleagues working with you endorsing your skills/achievements in your LinkedIn profile.