Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Professional Services?

If you are stuck and unemployed or unemployed,then cost of unemployment is really very high.You can get past your hurdles with our expertise and additional support features that will help you fast forward your job search.Its a great investment to get your dream job faster.Additional resources will help you in all your future job search efforts.

Why should I go with Get Jobs Canada?

We are the experts and fully understand that job search success depends on combination of factors.Our mission is to help you get your dream job faster by Getting the Edge over others.We strive hard to have an Edge in all our services for the same reason.Simply saying,We do More.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy as 3 steps. 
1) Select your category  and service you need 2) Make a payment and book schedule 3) Get a call for personal review

How do I book  the time?

Please select the time in booking form and have one or two alternative times suitable to you.We are flexible and work in different time zones as per convenience to our clients.

What package should I choose?

You can choose any package and combine later.We suggest you start with resume package which is your first contact point  with employers.However,If you are not sure still,you may email us your query or give us a call for free,short consultation.

What Information do I provide?

For all services ,we need an intake form. Additionally for Resume review we need your current resume and for LinkedIn,we would need your current LinkedIn profile and temporary password or alternatively,we can do it in word doc.

What is your Privacy?

Your personal information is safe and secured with us.We will provide your information only to recruiters and prospective employers to help you get your job faster.The recruiters and prospective employers can find you in our Job Match Listing or database. If you do not wish to be included in our database or Job Match listing,please do confirm it to us during intake form.

How  much time will it take?

We plan to deliver within one week of receiving your form and payment.However,it depends on your response.

To ensure prompt services,please ensure you give full details and attach all relevant documents needed for the assessment.

What if I need the service urgently?

We understand that you have an urgent job posting that you need to apply and you would like to speak with us or complete your resume or LinkedIn quickly. We can surely do it for you within 48 hours as Express Service at an additional charge of $50 per service.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final.In most cases we start working on research or review with our extensive checklist.We promptly start review and spend many hours to ensure you get best version of you,quickly.That is why we do not offer any refunds after you have agreed to start the process.

What if I am not  satisfied with services ?

The professional fees paid is non refundable.We would strive hard to work extra to satisfy you and give you extra time in next 10 business days.