Job Search Facts You Must Know

It may take a huge time to get your Dream Job and It may not be EASY !

0AVERAGE months it takes to get  a good job
0percent of applicants get to interview stage 
0time in seconds hiring mangers may spend to review resume
0Percent of jobs that are hidden or not advertised
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What Hiring Manager's Want?

Understanding the need of "Hiring Manager's" should be the foundation of your Job Search. Your job search must be in-sync with what is most important to them. You can save a huge time, if you address their needs first!

Trust and Reliability

 Will you do the job?             
Hiring managers would hire professionals who can be trusted .That is why  most jobs openings are filled through  referrals.
All our services include this element of building trust and reliability consistently.

Good fit in team

Will you fit in ?
Its all about how you will fit in the new team. Your personal skills or soft skills can make you a great fit for the job you are looking for. Our Resume, LinkedIn and Interview services include this in detail.

Proven performance

Can you do the Job?           
Professionals are hired to get results. That is why your performance must adequately reflect in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Our resume and LinkedIn services greatly emphasize on your performance.

Are you different

What is your motivation? 
You must be better than others to get your dream job ! Also, be passionate about what you did in past and your new job. All our services include this with our Get The Edge approach.

How You can get HIRED faster ?

Getting a good job can take several  months. You can save a significant amount of time by planning and organizing your job search and focusing on what works! Most important factors affecting job search timelines are:


It takes a lot of time to research the job market, establish your brand and  build a reliable network. Early research can save you weeks and months later.


Understanding what will work and what will not, is the key. Distributing time between offline and online jobs search can get you job  faster.


There are several job search tools that can save you a significant amount of time. Use of templates, checklists, database, Apps are some examples that can help you save time.


Your competence is your ability and attitude to do the job and do it better than others. Showing your best version, first time, can get you more responses and save you time.

How we can help!

Our Goal is to help you get your dream job quickly. We specialize in Skilled and Trade Professionals working at any stage of career from current Students to Executives. 
We provide you with extensive tools and resources that will help you fast forward your job search.


Resume Services

Get Canadian style Resume that brings  the "Best version of you". Get outstanding resume which can get you the response from hiring managers and  cut job search time significantly.


LinkedIn Services 

Get exceptional profile aligned with job requirements. Get guidance on how to get a job faster using LinkedIn tools for job search, networking and personal marketing.


Job Search Guidance

Get  job market researched information and strategy guidance on what works and what will not. Save time with your job search


Interview Practice

Practice interview with our experts to gain the confidence and show your value to prospective employers.

Top 5 Reasons You May Need Help!


High Cost of Unemployment

Are you thinking, whether it's a good investment to seek an expert's help? Consider the fact that  you may be loosing  several thousands of dollars, if you do not have a job now or paid less than what you deserve because  of unemployment or underemployment.


Your Current Job Search is not yielding results

Have you been trying for some time and facing the wall each time ?
You must get expert's help! You can get valuable tips, tricks, resources and insights that can save you a huge amount of time, efforts and money.


Lacking Canadian experience

Do you have a catch 22 situation of missing local experience? This is a big challenge for new immigrants and Entry Level professionals. Get Experts to help to develop a strategy to overcome this barrier. Find effective ways that will work and get your foot in the door.


Not Enough Time or Expertise

Already having an underpaid job or overwhelmed with  time and efforts needed for job search? You definitely need tools and resources  to achieve More, in a shorter time. Also, you need someone to assist you and take some of your work.


In adequate Network

Are a fresh graduate, a new immigrant or entry level professional with inadequate network ? Get  help with LinkedIn and strategies with personal networking. Remember your Network is your Net worth and it takes a good time to establish a strong network.


Get Jobs Canada Advantage


Review, Edit and Guidance

Get your resume, LinkedIn, Interview  or Job search assessment and personal guidance.

Job Support Resources

Get access to the list of recruiters and manpower staffing firms  in Canada.  Get Job search templates to get started faster.

Job Match Listing

Get premium listing in our database of resumes and profiles categorized as per industry.

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