Fast Forward your Job Search 

We are on a Mission to get you job faster

Average time for getting a suitable job is 4-6 months. Many times, it may take longer time!
Our goal is to help you cut your job search time by half,at least !
Our focus is to help you get your dream job faster by "Getting the Edge" by staying ahead and doing more than others. It can be achieved by smart job search and avoiding the trap of applying only to online job postings.

Here is how our career management services can help you save time for your job search for Canada.

Discover the Best version of you

We help you discover the best version of yourself and present it to hiring managers and recruiters. Your Resume and LinkedIn profile are prepared to market your abilities, in relation to  your target job. 

Get tools to save you time

We provide you with tools and resources so that you know more and do more. These tools and resources include extensive checklists, templates and tracking tools.

Get job  market information

We provide you with job market information such as categorized list of recruiters, companies and more. It gives you a head start and  you save significant amount of time in preparing target companies and recruiters list.

Our Team

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Sushil Khatter, Chief Consultant

Sushil Khatter is a Resume expert and member of Career Professionals of  Canada. He is also an Immigration consultant with a passion for providing exceptional guidance and support to people planning to come or new to Canada for study, work and immigration. He has presented several immigration seminars for settlement services in Toronto, Canada. He has also organized and spoken in many information sessions for International students. He has an In-depth knowledge of labour market ,employment industry and settlement needs.
He has extensively researched on job search strategy for skilled professionals in Canada and has guided several hundred professionals.
He also has over two decades of experience in academics and industry in Canada and Asia.  

Md Asiuzzaman, Senior Consultant

Mr. Md Asiuzzaman is currently working as an International Student Advisor and Career Coach based in Toronto. He is also a member of Career Professionals of Canada. He is a Senior Consultant at the Get Jobs Canada. Mr. Zaman studied Career Theory and Practice as part of his academic certificate program at the University of Calgary and developed a specialization in culturally responsive career counselling. He also studied Psychology at Ryerson University to help students and job seekers achieve their career goal and create the blueprint for life. In 27 years of professional experience, he lived, worked and studied in five different countries in four continents (Asia, Europe, Australia and North America).

Before coming to Canada as a permanent resident in late 2016, he had been working as an Associate Professor of Media and Journalism at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh for over a decade. In academia, he was the recipient of the Australian Leadership Award and Ford Foundation-Asian Scholarship Foundation scholarship under which he spent two years in Australia and Malaysia respectively for higher studies and research. Prior to that, as a mid-career journalist in Bangladesh, he won the British Chevening Scholarship to pursue an MA in Journalism from Cardiff University, UK.

Our Story

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Our Mission

Our mission is to  help you find job faster by  bringing best version of you and providing job support resources.

Get Jobs Canada is an offshoot of our decade long experience for immigration and education consulting.

We have spoken to, closely observed and shared experiences of hundreds of professionals coming to Canada and international students.

How we reached here

We have spent countless hours researching and reviewing the  success stories and challenges faced by professionals before and after they land or graduate from Canadian institutions! 

The one line summary of our study and collective experience is..

Getting the Edge over others is the only way to find your dream job faster !

We Understand Your Challenges

  • Limited knowledge of Job market
  • No Canadian Experience
  • Limited network
  • Communication and Cultural differences

We Understand the Hiring Manager's need

  • Can you do the Job
  • Will you do the job
  • Prove that you are the best fit
  • Are you available at right time
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Our services are designed to help you  GET THE EDGE after overcoming your challenges and exceeding hiring manager's needs! That is why we help you with all aspects of your job search. Your Success is our Goal.

Let's Make It Together!